Why stop sleeping with someone if it is just fun?

Started sleeping with a guy he's the one who initiated it & it was all going fine as it was just some fun. Then one day he started going distant so I said if you don't want to anymore I would rather know and he said he didn't know what to do and doesn't wanna get himself into something too far but still wants to be good friends. He's only broke up with his ex a few months ago and is only here for a couple of years due to him being from another country. I understood and still suggested having fun but I don't think he wants to, guys why would having fun if that's all the girl wants be any bother? He is still flirty with me when I see him and we do hang out and he kissed me when we were out. Is he just not attracted to be to sleep with or really just not into me in any way?


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  • Who knows? He just broke up recently. You may be a distraction to getting his ex back. He might be trying to figure out how close you should be in case he has an opportunity to get his ex back.


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  • The longer you consistently have spend time and have sex with someone, the more in danger you are of developing feelings. Sometimes people also find other people they want to have sex with instead.

    • *consistently spend time

    • He did say that he doesn't want to get feelings for me then have the pain of leaving when his visa runs out. I just don't get why it can't be fun without worrying about feelings that may not even appear

    • Some people find it difficult to not get emotionally attached when they're having sex with someone and spending time with them. Maybe he knows he's that kind of person and so doesn't want to risk it.


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  • Because maybe he doesn't think it's fun...