Would you still talk to a girl if she were shy?

There is an amazing guy who's been showing interest in me, but the problem is that I don't know him very well, and I find it difficult to completely be myself around him. I'm still in the stage where I feel the need to be polite and reserved all the time. It's really frustrasting when I'm such a sarcastic/fun-loving kind of person. I have to spend time with a person before I allow myself to act that way (and if I force it I just sound stupid!). We see each other maybe once of twice a week for about three to four hours, and I feel hopeless that I'll always be this way. We do joke around and play fight some times, but not as often as we could if I were normal.

Do you think I'll turn him away by how I am? He's so talkive and out there, and right now I'm just not. Any tips on how I can overcome this?


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  • I am usually shy about saying hi to girls.


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  • Do you ever have the opportunity to hang out with him when your friends are around? Perhaps if you're around people like your friends that fun, playful side will show itself more.

    • Sadly, no. I should've mentioned that I only see him in a church setting. That is probably part of the issue, too. He does hang around my siblings though while we're there, so that might help. :] Thank you.

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