Girls, what's up with this chick?

So I hung out with this girl and our mutual friend last week. Before that we met at a party. She was REALLY flirty, even my friend (who's gay) told me that. Y'know, the hair, the compliments, the laughing at all my unfunny jokes. Girl even went as far as fixing my collar, for crying out loud!

Anyway, two days later, I finally text her if she'd want to meet up for a drink. She replied that she's got a guy friend coming all the way from Jersey, then she has a sleepover with her girlfriends, then she's with family. I sort of got the notion that she was too busy, so I texted her to let me know when she's available. She said "Ok."

She hasn't texted yet, and it's been five days. I heard she was into me, I saw the signals during our coffee date, friends are telling me she's into me... WHAT THE HELL IS UP?


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  • Maybe she's just a really flirtatious girl, or that she's trying to make you chase after her. (trying to be hard to get)

    Anyway, you can always ask her what's up with her and know the truth instead of wondering.

  • Maybe she isn't available wait