Is this dude just not that into me or is he playing it cool?

I don't get this guy... He came off very friendly when introduced myself to him (we both go to college). He said we definitely should get coffee, that he would invite me over for some. It has been rescheduled twice because we both got very sick (real reason, it's not fake because I saw how sick he was) & after he was better he messaged me that would should get coffee soon and we agreed on a time for the next day.. but then he had midterms so he asked if we could wait until they were finished (I also had to reschedule). So we agreed on today, yesterday I briefly saw him and he asked again about tomorrow if it's still on, I said yes...

I hadn't heard from him yet so I messaged him if he had a time in mind, and he responded right away in a second "oh yahhhh, how about 7?" And then I agreed and he was like great.

But i feel totally neglected... That response I don't know what to make of it and it's not like he had asked me yet, even though it was assumed to be sometime later in the evening.

am I just blind to him not being interested?


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  • He's nervous and trying to play it cool, but fumbling. It doesn't mean anything so just wait until your date and see how it goes.


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  • I think he is just trying to play it cool. It doesn't seem to me that he is not interested in you.


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  • Meh... its college... guys just want a fuck buddy to get them through the shit times as a college student... i suggest you either take the D or leave it... your choice :)


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