Do I, as a guy, always have to be the one to express interest first?

Over the past couple years I have had a whopping zero girls express interest in going out with me. I keep waiting for a girl to come along and express interest in me, because no girls around me jump out to me as being someone I want to risk rejection for. Since high school though not a single girl has really seemed interested in me, which is frustrating. At least 2 girls have been very interested in me after I initially showed interest (I invited one out to coffee, and just hung out with the other one a lot), but no girls start off showing interest, I always have to do it. It really annoys me because I, as the guy, already have to do the asking out, the least the girls could do is show me they are interested, because there really aren't any girls around me that I want to pursue. I keep waiting for some girl to come along and express interest in being with me, inviting me to hang out, or whatever, but that never happens. Some guys I know meet a girl, and then that girl instantly decides she likes him, and she texts him all the time, and trys to hang out with him, and all this other stuff. Girls occasionally do that to me, but only after I do it the first time. And anyway I just dont see any girls around me that jump out to me. There are a lot of nice looking girls who are really great people, but I can't decide between them all. I keep hoping one will show interest, am I supposed to do that though? Because its been 2 years and no girls have expressed interest in dating me, unless I do so first. I am slightly better then average looking (only slightly though), so I feel like my looks aren't that big of a deal, I just want girls to like me, because I dont know who to like myself. Is that not how women work? Do they expect the guy to initiate literally everything? If not why aren't women expressing interest in me?


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  • no just a lot of girls are used to guys having to initiate things. I've been texting a guy I like first now :) and im like damn why haven't i've been doing it sooner!!!
    (its usually because of texting games and stuff) Girls don't have game!!


What Guys Said 1

  • Yup as the guy you pretty much have to do everything in the beginning. Waiting around for a girl to do anything will just drive you crazy