Is she playing hard to get?

well I have seen this girl recently we talked chatted. I got her number somehow. ( I didn't ask the girl) I called her and she seemed very happy that called. I asked her if we can meet after two days. she was traveling on that day and she offred to meet tomorrow. I said I am very busy on that day but we will arrange next week. I texted her if she wants to meet next week. she accepted and she seemed eager from her text ( yes sure I would love to ). we met in restaurant. It went really well and we clicked. it lasted three hours. I dropped her home and she said thank you so much we will meet net week. I texted her next week and I asked her if she wants to meet again. she seemed eager and we actually met. it lasted 6 hours. we wnet to a movie and restaurant. it went really well we laughed a lot like last time and I was 100 percent sure she is into me from the way she speaks to me. when we were in the cinema and during an advertisment a girl was promoting a producct. she asked me if I find her pretty i said she is pretty but not my type. she said whats your type then?

I dropped her home like last time. she thanked me a lot for eveything but this time she didn't mention about meeting next week. I texted her next week if she wanna go to the beach. she didn't answer my message foe 6 hours. I called her and I was like didn't you get y message. she said yeah I got it but I didn't have credit. next time just call me directly and do not text me. I was like d you wanna go to the beach and she was like yes we will go if I am not sick because I have a terrible flue ( she is not liying at all) and I was like i will leave you to rest but she was like noooo you can still talk.

I called her 3 days later to check up on her and to see if we are on for Saturday. she was like I am not really sure I can't promise since I have to study.
I confessed to her how I feel and How this confession will ruin our friendship. she replied you are an amazing guy I swear but I am in a serious relationship.

I still wanna meet with you and I really enjoy my time when going out with you and I am happy when I am with you. I really consider you as a friend. I replied yeah it is great without relationship drama. so if you wanna go to the beach on Sunday message me on Saturday. and take into consideration that it is not a date and I am pressuring you to go. we can then go watch x movie. she replied. yeaah I really want to watch movie x I swear yaaaaaah. thank you " my name. I will text you
I think that she lied about her boyfriend thing because when I met her I felt from the she speaks to me and act with me that she is into me but she is now denying her feelings to me what do you think?


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