How do I get a player to be interested in me?

When we hook up its great and he says he's never felt like how he feels with me
But he doesn't really talk to me
and i want to go out w him tonight. should i text him later?


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  • Well, you know what game he's playing, do you think you're going to get him to change his game and turn him in to something that he isn't?
    He PROBABLY tells every girl he's with that they're special and that he's never felt like how he feels with them (and then ignores them after having sex with them, like he's doing to you).
    If you're just looking for a friends with benefits sort of relationship and want to hook up tonight, just text him and see if he's around, but if you're looking for an exclusive relationship based on more than sex, you might be barking up the wrong tree...


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  • You really shouldn't do this, respect your body , emotions and feelings more. Random hook UPS are bad as they don't involve emotion, and WHAT IS SEX WITHOUT LOVE? don't you deserve and desire love and care , you should not do this, as you could get a reputation of being 'easy'and any screwed up dude will think he could sleep with you. Please value yourself more

  • Luck, pure luck

  • Don't hate the playa hate da game



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