Why won't he be straight with me?

Known my guy for a year a half things were amazing and we had a falling out. It was my bad and I did everything to right it. Things were going well again so I thought. One evening I had this terrible feeling that something was off. I couldn't shake it. Something wasn't okay. I googled this pic he sent me that he liked and it pulled up a dating profile - I was upset but that pic was taken when we were having issues. I left it be. About a week later he goes to an event and takes a pic for me. That feeling is back again and I click back to that profile and bam! That new pic is on the profile. At this point I am crushed and calmly ask if there is something he would like to tell me. He says no. I ask about the profile and get a few different answers - mostly about how Facebook updates those things, wires cross, and how he once saw someone on there who didn't have a profile. He asked me if that happens and I say no. He immediately goes to "I don't care whatever. Think what you want". Fine I believe maybe he created it during our rough patch and leave it be. He deletes the profile. Two weeks later that feeling is back again and guess who is back online? This time I ask him again why he's online. I send a screen grab and he immediately comes back with "wtf that isn't me! I'm getting hazed! So unprofessional" except he didn't just start that job, he's been there for 6 months. He sends her an email and surprise she's on her emails at 1am and the profile is gone just as quickly as the first one. He then tells me she probably did the first profile and had a change of mind and deleted. Funny how she deleted just as I asked him about it. During this time while he's online he tells me how sexy I am and he loves me. I am devastated. Later he admits to the first profile but gets defensive and shuts me out when I question anything else. Even when he's presented with screen grabs. I just want to know why he won't just admit. Why be defensive. Why create a new profile so quickly?

Edit: no I am not scary and I am not attacking him. I'm asking him calmly and he is flat out lying to me each time. He tells me I am what he wants, but why do this then? And why not admit after the evidence is there?


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  • He's wanting to get a back up woman if you two don't work. Your relationship is in serious trouble


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  • He scared of u!