Am I in love or is it just a crush? should I ask him out?

i can't stop thinking about that certain guy. when i go to bed, i think about him and same thing the minute i wake up. i don't think i'm in love as i don't know him that well but i feel like he does like me and i've never had such a big crush on a guy, should i tell him? he's really shy and so am i but he's way more than me and i don't want to make him feel uncomfortable. what should i do? plus whenever i see him i have butterflies in my belly and i try to say funny things. is it love or just a big crush? i am so lost as i never made the first move on a guy and i don't want to be rejected.
i really really like him, he's very cute and i can't imagine not ending up with him but i know he won't make the first move and my friends told me he finds me pretty and charming so i feel like he would not reject me but you never now and i don't think i am confident enough to try and ask him out. i reallllly like him though


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  • Just imagine what the relationship might be like. Then play the part to make it happen.


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  • I used to be a really shy person especially with guys, whenever I would have a crush on a guy I couldn't do anything around him so whatever "relationship" we had would go no where. Until I started to make a move. I say if u don't try to do something to at least talk to him or try to hang out with him and he's not making a move either then u guys will get know where in the relationship. If talking to him is a big step start with saying hi and smiling at him.