Does he have feelings for me? Or is he just leading me on?

I started seeing a guy back in April. It was quite casual due to the fact we both knew he'd be leaving to travel a few months later. We both expressed at various times that we did have feelings for each other but it was impossible to act on them since we'd be on othersides of the world. He's always been very interested in sex and every time we saw each other it would end up with us having some fun which obviously made me question whether he really liked me or was just using me. Fast forward to now, he lives in New Zealand and we don't get to talk as much as before because of the time difference. But he's told me several times he's not looking to get with anyone out there, he's asked me to come out and visit him and he tells me how much he misses me. Would he really keep stringing me along for this year he's away if he was just in it for sex? Surely he could have ditched me when he left and got with another girl out there if that was all he wanted? I am utterly confused because some days we'll have these great conversations and he'll talk about how he can't wait to see me, but other times he just wants naked photos or sexts.


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  • I think its mostly sex


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  • How did you meet this character?
    And I don't mean it in a bad way. Maybe I even believe him a bit...

    Let me ask you something. Do you believe him? Do you believe he isn't "seeing" anyone else this way? If that's what you truly believe then you have put some trust in him already. So if you trust him, and you believe what he says to you, then no, it is not all about sex. Its something different. Maybe he wants the pictures of you because he likes to look at you when he misses you. And of course for something else. But maybe he does that something else (that people think is so terrible) to you because he has feelings for you.