If you saw your SO putting the smack down on a homeless (and possibly mentally ill) person?

  • I would assume s/he was acting in self defense, and rush to help him/her...
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  • I would assume s/he was a republican, and thusly went in for that sort of thing... and help him/her...
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  • I would assume s/he was a republican, and thusly went in for that sort of thing... and leave him/her...
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  • I would pull him/her off of the poor fellow, because my SO is bat-shit crazy, and might kill the poor soul!
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  • I would call the cops and let them sort it out...
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  • I would spectate, and place bets with other passers-by who would be amassing by this point...
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  • I know what his/her weapon of choice is, I have it on hand, and I would hand it to him/her, because I'm supportive like that...
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  • None of those situations fit my SO at all. Plus I have a mental disorder and he hasn't tried to attack me over it. :D

    Only way he would attack a homeless person/mentally ill. Is if they attack him first and trying to kill him some how.


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  • Bloody Republicans, can't be trusted with anything.

  • I voted B but I meant C :(

  • If you leave homeless people alone, they generally leave you alone. They are usually the victims in most situations.

  • If it was in total self-defense and that homeless and mentally ill person had the intention of causing bodily harm or kill him then that should be the only reason.

    Otherwise, if it was over something petty I'm ending the relationship.

  • Ohh if he does that he's a dead man. Im not even gonna be kidding you, I'll fucking embarrass him infront of a lot of people. You don't do that to someone who's not able to defend himself.

    • What about the possibility of self defense?

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    • at least there's some sort of symmetry in your thinking 😄

    • "Men and women are *both* monsters, but men don't think that of women because they think women are weak" 😄

  • I'd leave his ass I don't got time for that behavior. ..

    • Even if it were legit self defense?

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    • Crazy asshole jumped out of an alley, and startled him/her badly enough to elicit a knee-jerk-reflex sucker punch, which enraged the homeless and/or crazy person, and now your dude/lady has the upper hand, which is when you come out of the Jamba Juice and see him/her putting a come-to-Jesus beat down on him...

    • depends I guess if he tried to rob him..

  • None of the answers really made sense so I didn't answer it.

    The most confusing one is E, who would ever call the cops on someone they're supposed to trust?

    • What the question is really asking is "do you give your SO the benefit of the doubt", and e is basically deferring judgement to a third party to figure it out for you... kind of a cop out (no pun intended)...

  • Place bets, obviously.


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  • I'd pull her off of them and demand an explanation. If she says that she was attacked by the dude, I'd make sure that the person is in no state to chase us, and then either carry my SO away, or tell her to follow me.(Depending on how heavy she is, how strong I am, and how badly she is hurt, if at all.)

    I'd call the cops when we got to a safe place.