Do I have a chance?

I'm the guy, we're both 16 and juniors in high school. We met about five weeks ago, we have civics together and study hall once a week. The first couple weeks we didn't talk, we exchanged a few looks but that's all and I struck up a conversation with her on Facebook on Saturday. It went well and we started to talk in person in civics and study hall. We talked about prom a bit even though its in spring, I told her I was going and she said she's going but she doesn't know who with. My mom said she thinks she was hinting me to ask her to prom. To set the tone and some explanations, I've never had a girlfriend and have been rejected twice. I really like her and I'd love to go to the prom with her and have her as my first girlfriend, but she's very beautiful and I've got muscles from all the hard work I've been doing at gym, but I'm still on the less attractive side of men. A few weeks ago I decided to give her a compliment and see how she reacted. I said "you are beautiful" to her in Spanish on Facebook and she wrote "awww, thank you so much". And the next day when we were taking she smiled at me a lot. I'm sorry its such a long story but do I have a chance with her?
Do I have a chance?


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  • Rejection sucks but it's gonna suck even more when you see another dude mackin on her cause you pussied out from worrying about not having a chance.

    You're not giving yourself a chance if you don't step up.

    • Thanks but are you even a girl? Only guys use that kind of language

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    • I wasn't trying to be ladylike?

    • @lexythelou22 the more you talk like that the more obvious it is that you're a guy who signed up as a girl. Conversation over

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  • The only reason I believe you have a chance is because you look exactly like the guy in a movie who seemingly has no chance of getting a girl at the beginning but gets her in the end because of his charm.

    Also, you deserve her, because I love that you talked about her with your mom.

    The only bad sign is that she said "awwww" because that's typically thought of as a friendzone thing. I guess it depends on the girl though.

    Anyway, good luck, I think you should at least try. And, make sure she don't have a boyfriend...


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  • Why not, you won't know unless you give it a shot.