How can I ask a girl out in my college?

I'm a senior this year and have never had a girlfriend. I've decided to actually try to get a girlfriend this year. There is this cute girl in my college who I've seen around lately, and I kind of want to ask her out. The way my university is set up is that we have ten different communities. We pretty much see the same people every day. Anyways, I have seen her around and I think she's cute. I think she's a freshman because I haven't seen her before. So I have two questions: How do I get closer to her if I don't have any classes with her and only see her from a distance every once in a while? Would a freshman girl be willing to go out with a senior guy?


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  • Awe... during break come up to her and say hey can I lets gets some coffee and then when class is over... as her if she wants to study at the libary and then move slowly up to a date.


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  • Just ask. My biggest thing would be next year you are out of college and she has a few more years. Som girls like to use that time to be guilt free and explore themselves and all their possibilities. But like I said, just ask! There is no special way you are going to win her over without making it obvious you would like to date her.