Girls who are just friends?

So i dont have any close female friends they are all guys and iam cool with that i did talk to lots of girls and have friends but nothing too close and we never hung out or anything mainly because when i do hang out with a girl one on one its because i like her and want a realtionship , i won't do it just to have fun i do it to be in a realtionship i just dont really like having female friends because it can end so badly for both of us , cause as i said if i am her close friends chances are i find her attractive and want to have her so i just approach directley if it works then be it if not then i know she's not datable , thats how i got my current girlfriend but apperantly some people think thats weird ( that i dont have female friends because i only approach females for dating ), what do you think?


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  • I mean you do you I guess. I have guy friends and not because I want to date them. I like having their company and it makes things more fun especially when I'm in my group of guys and girls. You should try having girls as friends just to see what it's like but if not that's fine haja like I said you do you.


What Guys Said 1

  • only gays have female friends...