How does a guy know when a girl is open to sex?

Every situation is different, but let's try to keep it general.

How would a guy know if a girl wants sex? Some women move fast in relationships, some slow, it's not impossible for some women to be receptive to sex on a first date. Not saying it always happens but it's possible. Others like to wait, but how do you know when she is ready? What are the signs, does she actually tell you or only give subtle signs? How do you know if your being too pushy and she isn't ready? Is it wrong for the guy to ask her if she wants to have sex if your bad at picking up signs? What usually leads up to sex, cuddling, dinner?

I know zero about this so I'm going to need detailed explanations.



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  • Why don't you guys just have the sex talk your 29 I mean I've had that talk many times

    • The "sex talk" is about using protection and where babies come from, I had that Long, long ago.

      How to act sexually with a girlfriend is nothing a parent talks about.

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    • No honestly, thank you, simple but helpful advice 😀

    • welcome I guess good luck!

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  • Usually you can tell when her underwear is off an she has her legs up in the air.


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