Does this mean something?

I believe I could be overthinking and I don't know if i am being insecure because I'm on my period or what. I was looking on my facebook and I seen that my boyfriend like the mother of his child picture and I don't mean a picture where it's her and their child or just their child but no this picture "Below" The caption of the picture is about her nails that's it, but I'm thinking the reason why he liked the picture because he still have feelings for her. I I know it just a picture of her nails but still, it made me doubt couple of things. In my mind it showing me a red flag that he still likes her and now I am paranoid I think everything time she gets online and he gets online they are talking but like being together. So yeah I that how insecure I am feeling today. I want to believe hik liking the pciture below ment nothing but I don't know I need advice because I don't know what think.
Does this mean something?


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  • First of all her nails are ugly, but anyway I wouldn't worry too much about it. Social media is always ruining relationships. If he starts liking pictures of just her by herself, then ya I would question that, but it's just a picture of her ugly ass nails. Don't worry, smile sweetie and eat some chocolate. Our periods are always turning us into crazies (: