I guess I was wrong?

So I thought this guy liked me he would smile at me once u caught him staring at me, Compliment me said he felt Comfortable talking to me. But now I just feel stupid. I dont think he ever liked me. We snapchatted last time it was about 1 month ago but its very short things. He never really starts making convo. Some time ago I heard him complement a girls clothes too I guess thats his way of being friendly. He never comes up to me n starts a convo its always me. when we do talk he would look other places like he is not even paying attention I feel like I am boring him. Sometimes he is very cheerful talking others he is not. He has many female friends I feel like I am not even pretty enough like his other friends. So I have decide to just let it be I won't try to talk to him as much anymore besides he is always friendly to everybody.. What do you all think?


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  • From what you've said I think that is just his way of being friendly to girls.
    Most of the time complimenting someone might be a good way of starting a conversation. If you want to chase him then it will take a lot of time and efforts since from a guy's perspective it looks like he is not interested in you. It would be advisable if you let it be. Be with people who value your presence :)

    • Thanks well said😊.

What Girls Said 1

  • I think your right> I hate confusing guys!