Guys, I've never been asked out/had a boyfriend?

I'm not sure why. I would say that I'm average looking, and I'm 17, 5'5" & 134lbs. I have a shy personality with people I don't know, but as soon as we become friends, I'm a very open and talkative person. Am I doing something wrong? And what can I change or do better to catch a guy's attention?


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  • Age, most likely.

    Your face is very pretty. That height/weight is normal, it won't be anything that will interfere with your ability to date. Being shy will slow things down, sure, but it won't be a dealbreaker long term. For the most part, your problem will simply be that you are young, and that guys in that age category are struggling with hormones and with trying to figure out what they want. A lot of very attractive women, that would be an amazing 'catch', go their entire teens without having a guy ask them out on a date. Or just have guys ask them out that are looking for sex, or some kind of friends with benefits situation.

    My best guess would be that it may just take some time for a guy to realize what's going on. Part of it could be your personality (that obviously doesn't come across in your picture, or in the little description you provide here), and that will obviously factor in. Part of it could be that you don't appear to be approachable, which also can't really come across in a single picture. A very attractive girl that is also very shy can often come across as unapproachable because her inability to maintain eye contact and smile, coupled with her looking like she should have a lot of guys' attention, makes a combination that makes her seem uninterested. So that could be a factor. A third factor could be hobbies and interests - if you don't have anything to talk to guys about, they will often struggle to find that opening line to use on you. Doing things that guys do, being places that guys are, will increase the likelihood of finding one with the combination of interest and courage required to make that move.

    At the end of the day, it's a numbers game, and you want to do what you can to make the odds ever in your favour. Your picture makes you appear far above average looking, so you already have a leg up in that department. And that's important. It will be the supporting qualities, or just time for guys to catch up in the maturity department. Looking the way you do, I would be absolutely shocked if you popped up on here 8 years from now saying you were 25 and had never been asked out or had a boyfriend.


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    • I don't see how this makes any sense considering I said that no one has ever asked me out. I keep my mind open and I pay attention to personality, I would give anyone a chance if they asked me out as long as they were kind and not rude.

    • Well most often the case when women say they never been asked out. They mean that they never been approached by the guy they thought was hot. They don't consider it an approach but rather a harassment if a guy they don't fancy ask them out.

    • Well, I've never been asked out by anyone. Granted yes I do pay attention to physical features, but I would give anyone a chance as long as they're kind.

  • You are easily approachable, you need to look like a wrapped up gift, and meet new guys, if you look amazing and are all wrapped up in clothes and accessories, it's very tempting! Like a kid we are dieing to open that gift box, to see what is inside it.

    • So I should be dressing up more and doing my hair and makeup more often?

    • Not exactly, be you just open up slowly, and meet more people, men are visual so pay attention to your appearance, and try going to hunt at place where single guys are present.

  • Okay
    I don't know about my looks but I'm 17 and 5'11 is my height weight is like more than you at least... I'm shy too but I open up after knowing you better
    So basically I approached you just now and tell me if I'm doing anything wrong 😂 LOL to catch your attention.

  • I don't see anything wrong, I'd imagine just go to places were guys you share similar if not the same kinds of hobbies as yourself would go, it would increase your chances of finding someone similar to yourself.

  • Probably you're too young at his moment so most older guys will resist hitting on you until you're 18 or above, that being said even guys that are your age are not the most confident guys and they get nervous while approaching a girl. If you'll be more talkative and out going you'll seem more approachable to these guys or you can approach them yourself, nothing wrong with that

    • Weren't you in Dark Knight rises?

    • @roostah
      It doesn't matter if I was in it, what matters is my plan, nobody cared I was in it until I wrote this opinion

  • Don't change anything, be confident in who you are. You're still young, you're pretty. Your time will come. I've got a feeling, sooner rather than later. You got a whole life ahead of ya, be patient.

  • If you're desperate to have a boyfriend, regardless whether you genuinely like him or not, pick a confident-type douche from your class, give him an eye-wink at first and then bite your lips and smile everytime he looks at you. He will do the rest.