I feel like we moved so fast in our relationship. Will it come back to haunt me?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a month, but when I think about it, we're more like fuck buddies. We both have really high sex drives and have sex every chance we get.

the problem is that we both want to get into some seriously intimate territory in that department (exploring eachothers fetishes) and I trust him, but I feel like I should know him on a much deeper level before we delve into that.

Should i just calm down? Should we both just go for it? What do you think?


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  • Tough call... there is a saying "Show me the most beautiful girl in the world and I'll show you the guy that's sick of fucking her." - It sorta applies here. Leave a little mystique and mystery to the physical stuff. My school of thought is always "If she'll do this with me this fast, she'd do it with someone else this fast" - You just don't want him to get bored and the same goes for you. Take a little time... there's no saying any harm would come to the relationship if you don't, but it sounds like you're a little unsure. Good luck!


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  • I think you should just Go for it


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  • Yup, you calm down, and leave your worries, love just need love inexchange, if doubt him then one day he would know it and he also do the same, just trust each other and love unconditionally. also give space to each other and respect decisions, that's all needed for a healthy and lovely relationship :-)

  • Ya take it easy.. thn u guys break up n it's like dam he/she used me ,, u know? B carefull


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