Guys, At first he was talkative and flirty now he's just vague and boring, what do I do?

So I've been talking to this guy for about six months now. We've seen each other about 4 times becausee of our busy schedules. We both work full time jobs and go to school. So when we staretd talking we ovbiously had a lot to say to each other but in the last like month. His texts have become one word. I feel like I'm trying to milk a conversation out of him. He never asks me how I'm doing, he used to text me throughout the day asking how I was and we would get on a topic and keep going. I get that once you get to know someone you don't exaclty need to text as much but I feel like we barley know anything about each other despite speaking for about 6 months. I figured okay maybe that's just how he interacts. Not big on texting, but he literally texts me one to three word responses and it honeslty hurts my feelings when I'm trying to have a conversation. It makes me feel like I'm talking to a brick wall. When we hang out we mostly joke around, I figure okay maybe he doesn't like to be serious. I just don't know and I'm confused.


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  • Who got to know who first in the beginning. A lot of times guys will get vague, its not easy to come up with new things to talk about. Good communication skills are part of any relationship.

    Think, do you like this guy? If so you need to somehow in your own way... Again communication is key, (use emoticons in text, phone calls are better, and in person is best) tell him you have feelings for him.

    At this point 6 months later you might have taken to long to express your feelings. One sure way to tell if he likes you back is if he texts you first in the mornings or gives you nicknames. Waiting too long can b bad and to quick will end a relationship. Work together at a good pace for both of you.
    Hope this helped


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  • This is most relationships and that's why girls date douchbags. A douchbag make everything complicated so the relashionship is in constant battle thus for in constant communication. It's a FACT

  • why don't you try calling him

    • I have and it's the same thing a few jokes here and there no real conversation and that's it.