Am I doomed if I can't make a girl laugh? Is there such thing as increasing my sense of humor?

I'm 19 and have no experience when it comes to having a girlfriend. I don't have a good sense of humor. So im terrible at jokes and I can't say simple things that make a girl smile/laugh like you see in tv shows or movies lol :( My friends tell me that i'm a pretty boy and that the reason I haven't gotten a girl is because I have confidence issues. Every once in a while girls tell me I have pretty eyes because they are green. I'm not gonna boast but I'm not gonna try and look for pity either. I'm not homophobic so I know a good looking guy when I see one. And I feel like I'm decent looking. I just can't make a girl laugh or at least smile. Thats why I haven't bothered to talk to girls in a while, because I know that I just sound boring. I hear if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her fall in love with you. I thought thats what makes a relationships spark. My friends tell me to just talk to different girls and date to get experience but I just want ONE girl. Although its highly unlikely since I'm only 19, I'm still aiming to have a first and lasting girlfriend.


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  • There are people who lack a sense of humor and they still manage to get girls. You should try to be passionate about a hobby or an interest. Typically speaking, girls like it when guys show passion about something. Basically, try to improve yourself and you won't appear as "boring" as you say you do.
    Also remember that whenever you talk to girls, try not to act as pushy and/or desperate.


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  • Any skill or talent can be improved with dedication and practice. You can get both by practicing on girls, starting with girls you know then shifting over to girls you don't know. This will help increase your confidence and when you're confidence you can have fun, and when you're having fun you can do amazing things. When I feel lacking in the humor field, I like to watch comedy movies and try to implement fun in my life. When you have a good attitude and have good energy, you can attract lots of people to you. Girls like confidence and they think that humor is one of those things


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  • You- " excuse me do I know you from somewhere " girl-" no I don't think so " you-" yah I do , aren't you that girl a seen on YouTube twerking " the girl will start to laugh trust me, then take it from there. Check out simplepickups on YouTube to up your game.

  • Don't try. Just let anything funny for you come out from your mind. The girls who will laugh are better for you.