Am I desirable?

I'm in my early 30s, I look nice (not stunning but kind of attractive), I have a career but I'd like to do something that I'm passionate about, I don't want children (maybe adopt in ten years, but no kids now), I am a positive and energetic person, usually relaxed and outgoing, smart etc. I don't have fixed goals in my life other than being happy, have inner peace and reasons to smile. It sounds hippie but I work for my things.

I kind of want to date because it's nice to have feelings for someone, but I'm not in despair to meet the one or to have a family. I'd like to find someone I really love, but in the meanwhile I also like being free. I like meeting guys and getting to know them even when I don't expect a relationship from them or anything.
I think some people are disturbed by my ideas and think I'm weird or childish. If you were a guy my age would you think that about me?


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  • I think you're fine. It's tougher for a single women at 30 than it is for a single man. We have a little better when it comes to aging. Honestly you sound like a catch from the way you describe yourself. I've always wanted to date someone older than me. Just to see how it is. I had an opportunity but I pussied out lol. She was 36 and had a 17 year old kid. Would of been too awkward.

    • I mean at 30 I still feel so young :P And tones of guys after me, but I'm afraid they just want sex when I say that I'm not rushing into a relationship.

    • Yeah honestly you sound really pleasant. most single women in their 30s look so depressed and desperate. The fact that you just like vibing and enjoying a mans company is a good thing. I'm the same exact way.

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  • You sound like me and i would be just like you in a few years. except i want to have children and am willing like later on to adopt and i am not obsessed about meeting the one either. I dont think you are weird and childish at all


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  • I bet the people disturbed just want different things in life than you. A lot of guys will like the qualities you described.

  • you sound very nice


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