Don't understand where I went wrong?

I went on a date with this girl. The other day and she told me twice during the date that she was having fun and at the end that we should do it again some time. We went 2 castle fun park and lunch and then her work called and we had 2 end it there. that day I texted her saying I had ya good time. and she said awhh I'm going 2 bed 2. itwas fun. I texted her last night asking how her day went no reply...


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  • Either she lied or she was busy and couldn't get back to you. Wait a day or so and try texting her again.

    • I'm going 2 guess she lied what I really want 2 text her is this right know lol next time you go on a date be honest with the guy "

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    • Well at least now you know she was just busy and not ignoring you!

    • Ya kinda of a over Reaction doesn't mean much though lol well see thanks


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  • She could just be busy, asleep, or otherwise. Give it time.


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  • Yeah, she lied. That happens a lot.