My girlfriend is on her period and I just wanted to make sure if you girls are on your period you act the same way or am I doing something wrong?

Me and my girlfriend started dating only 2 weeks and and we like to cuddle with each other and play wrestle. I went to go play wreslte with ther and then she was like "no, stop, i'm on my period and not in the mood". Is a period that bad? She didn't want to do anyting fun, she wanted to relax and that was it.


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  • She might be having cramps. They're extremely painful and make you just wanna lay in bed and cry. I personally do my best not to tell my boyfriend if I have cramps but by now he can pretty much tell. Also our mood changes a lot due to all hormones. I think many girls don't feel like going out or doing much things during their period because it's just so much trouble. There's always the risk of bleeding through when you get caught up doing something in public.. At least that's a big reason for me because I have very heavy periods (oh gosh I am so making this anonymous haha). Just pay extra attention to her and chill with her. Bring the fun there in her room! Watch a movie and cuddle or set up a picnic on her bedroom floor and light up some candles :)

    • lol. I will watch a movie with her and we will do a picnic theme, but isn't a picnic theme childish? I dont like that corny stuff, but i mean would you girl like it if you guy set something like that up and got your favorite movie or one you wanted to watch?

    • My boyfriend has done it for me and I loved it. Would think most girls do, but of course I don't know your girlfriend :)

    • i think she would like it

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  • Yeah, this is pretty normal, some are way worse. A little piece of advice.. don't mess with the bull or you are gonna get the horns. Learn what she is ok with, what she likes and doesn't during this and keep it in mind for the future.


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  • Yes, periods can drain our energy and make us want to relax and eat sweets, not do anything like wrestle. Rent some movies and watch them with her.

    • ok i can do that. We can watch a movie that she likes.

    • Do that, give her a massage if she wants and bring her chocolate or something she likes to eat and she'll be forever grateful. Periods can seriously suck.

    • yup i will :)

  • Yes, it is really that bad. When most girls are on their periods, they get cramps that feel like someone is stabbing them, they're constantly bleeding and have to worry constantly about whether they're going to bleed through their pants, there is a ton of nasea envolved... Imagine having a constant stream of blood coming out of your junk for 7 days straight while feeling like someone is continually kicking your balls over and over. So, don't blame her if she's not in the mood, you're lucky she even wanted to hang out with you in the first place. Hope that helped.


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