How to make this girl realize that she actually likes me?

I got to know this girl for over a month as we hangout often and at first she was scared because of her previous breakup and I did not want to push her or ask her out right away, I remained her friend and now she began to trust me and opened up to me over her older sister, But now I want her to realize that she likes me because she told we are alike at so many different levels and she opened up telling me she got into a relationship over a month ago before I knew her but finds him really weird and problems between them is arising. I can tell its not going to last, but in the mean time I want her to realize that their is something between us two?



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  • I say.. try to flirt a little! Maybe even make her jealous so she realize that she like you a little more than friends.

    • can you give me some good ways to flirt with her, like I give her massages sometimes but I also like to show her I am busy

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    • This remind me of an anime called boys over flowers! The girl didn't know she was in love with him in the end. She realize that she couldn't live without him and jump on a moving crusie! lol its so cute! hahah anyway good luck mate!

    • hahha Thanks

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  • You can't make someone have romantic feelings.

    • yea but you can get a person to develop them based on how you act and my plan is now that I have her trust and she texts me daily now I am going to act like I am busy around her

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    • So let me ask you this, say the possibility of a sexual relationship were off the table. And there is no way she was interested if you sexually at all. Would you still be her friend?

    • You know what I would want to stay as friends with her, even though I did catch feelings for her overtime, I think it would hurt but I would not want to lose our friendship because of how close we are


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  • Quit assuming there's something there. Just cause there's something there for you doesn't mean there is for her.


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  • lol just by reading the question i knew what would follow