Should I go for it?

We both share a sociology class and I really like her even though it took me a while to figure out my feelings for her. Anyways, she always gets super nervous/excited and blushes and smiles a lot when I'm around. We also make lots of eye contact and I often catch her looking, she'll even stare back sometimes. She also does this thing where if I get to class before her and I leave, I always put my book-bag on the desk where I am sitting and she'll always choose the seat closest to it. She also starts to daydream/get a dreamy face often if we make eye contact and smile. But here's the catch, while I was so busy gathering my feelings, she met another guy that likes her too. They text a lot in class and even hang out after class sometimes. I was already afraid to tell her about my feelings due to my shyness, now I'm even more insecure because I already went through this with my ex. I would see her talking to and hanging out with a 'friend'; as you could expect, they were a bit more than just 'friends.' That left me kinda insecure and damaged. I really like this girl. but I dont want to get played again, and it's a similar situation.


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  • go for it. only one person should make you cry in your life, and that's the one for you. the others aren't worth it. you can't know if you two are good together if you never try.


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  • Man, it's better to do something, even if it goes wrong, than regretting later for something you could've done. You don't know if she likes him too or if she only wants to be his friends. So, go ahead and tell her what you feel. If you do nothing, nothing will change.