Do sometimes guys reject a girls kiss, not because he didn't like her but he felt the timing wasn't right?

When couples start dating for the first time, you always hear about the guy went in for the first kiss but the girl politely rejected him "not because she didn't like him, but she felt it's too earily for that" or he did it at a wrong and of course he'll still like her and try for a kiss again later own.

When am I gonna hear about a girl went in for the kiss but he politely gave her the cheek due to him being a little shy knowing he's not use to kissing a girl, or he wants to time to be right for that... also ladies would you still like the guy if he kindly rejected a kiss from you or would you be offend?

  • A.) I would be offended if he politely rejected my kiss at first
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  • B.) I would not be offend cause that makes me want him even more, knowing he doesn't come on too strong
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  • C.) Yes sometimes guys do reject a kiss from a girl he starts dating, knowing he takes relationships seriously
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  • D.) No guys don't reject kisses from girls
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