Why do I get so nervous around my Boyfriend sometimes?

Like one min, I'm fine then the next. I'm scared too do anything with him. Like, when I went too hang out with him, he put his hand where it shoudnt be and all I kept saying was "babee", " babes" like I was scares but I've always been the one too want that too happen and now that all this "stuff" has been happening. I'm nervous, scared, afraid. Just everything. and I have no idea what too do now. Someone please tell me what too do? I'm staying at his house on mon-tues and he wants a kiss but I don't know how either. So yeah, that too. Just someone please help me, it could help alot!!


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  • OuO first step deep breath in through the nose out the mouth. (GAG community doesn't need to find out a memeber passed out. Or has died.)

    Kissing is so easy... Its simply being gentle and being able to mutually lock lips. Now who leads in the kiss thats different it really depends who is the more dominant one. As it can be ether sex or person (if its same sex, I'm just being objective as I dont know your situations every variable and if I did that would be creepy. As it would be mind reading.)

    I would just enjoy the time you got with him and if you find yourself holding your breath just do what I said above.

    Good luck miss.


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  • How long have you been dating him?