What should I do? I'm really stressed out, and I adore him but how do I save this relationship?

Okay so me and my boyfriend have been dating for a three weeks now and now he just randomly doesn't message me back. I usually end up waiting about 6-9 hours to hear back. The first week was perfect and be was blowing up my phone and he was acting perfect too. But then the second week came and he started lagging dramatically and talking to me different like " wassup girl how u doing " I was confused like I don't know he NEVER talks to me like that. I asked and said what's wrong with you? And he said nothing that he is not paying Attention to the time, that he is smoking weed so he loses track. And he doesn't go to my school. He goes to school in the valley and I Go in West l. a near Santa Monica pier . You know everything was perfect in the beginning and now he is acting different when I see him and texting me very odd. I don't want to end this relationship, I really don't. PLEASE HELP.


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  • Dump this pothead, he needs to get his stuff in order and quit frying his brain.


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  • i think you should tell him how you feel (not by text) and get his reaction. if this guy really likes you he'll try to save what you have. you're an us, you both need to figure out the situation, and you need to figure out yourself too before talking to him, like if you'll be willing to tolerate him doing drugs, no answering, or not giving explanations, bc if you accept it once, you'll always have to accept it. if he's really into you he'll leave everything behind, JUST FOR YOU. review your limits and standards, and you'll have an answer. REMEMBER NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR A WILLING HEART. best of luck.