Do you not like dating a certain race because of the way part of their body looks or feels?

For example I'm white but a couple of black girls and one Spanish girl said they wouldn't date a white guy because we have pink d***s. A Spanish friend of mine said she doesn't like black guys who have black gums. I personally think there are beautiful women of all races but my only complaint about being with a black girl is the texture of her hair and that's if she'll let you run your hands through her hair at all lol.


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  • You know, this race question comes up a lot on here.

    Not to sound bad, but I don't like the texture of a black guys hair either, buttttt if I liked him, I would still date him, you could look past those little things


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  • not really. I wouldn't really base it on that. I can like a girl from one race who looks one way and I can like another girl from the same race who looks completely different. I'm not really into the whole nit picking out bits about them to see if I can find a flaw. it is what it is, but I didn't know white guys are mean't to have pink d***s, I don't know where that comes from but I think it varies with person. I think white girls hair and black girls hair is both hot even though they both feel different they are both sexy.

    after all, every flavour of sugar is just as sweet lol