Pretty sure she's into me?

I met this girl from school on Tinder. Anyway, last week we met up at our school lounge and talked for about 3 hours. After that we texted all week. We were supposed to see one another at our Halloween dance but there were so many people we couldn't find one another.

we were both at a sporting event off campus (not together) and we met up for a few minutes. I asked her to hang out and we're going to the movies tomorrow. Were also "playing it by ear" if we go to dinner before the movie.

I'm assuming she's indicating she likes me/is interested. I'm just terrible at reading signs. I don't want to make her uncomfortable but we all know the hand holding dilemma at the movies and I don't wanna make it super weird. I doubt she'd agree to the movies and to stuff if she weren't interested and I text her a lot so she must know I like her.


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