What is the rule regarding dating friends sisters?

So I'm in a bit of a pickle. My roommate/good friend's older sister came to visit for a couple weeks and I really started to like her and have a feeling she had some feelings for me too ( not sure though) nothing concrete but she would have this big smile every time we'd lock eyes , she'd compliment me every once in a while, and she found a couple excuses to to hang out just me and her over the weekend. Also she told her brother she thought i was really funny. Anyway I didn't do anything because it was my best friend's sister but Im going back home for a couple months ( where she lives) and I really want to ask her out because I really do like her.

So is there any protocol on this? Is it wrong for me to ask her out? If it isn't should i ask my friend first? I normally would ask him first but I dont want to make a big deal with him only to find out she doesn't like me and was just being nice to her little brother's friend or something. Also any tips to find out if she likes me or not? by the way im 21 she's 23 if it matters.


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  • What happens between you and your friend if things go badly between you and his sister?


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  • Yeah, it is perfectly fine as long as you ask your friend first, and he says okay.

  • Perfectly fine. That's how my dad found my mom. Just be careful.

  • Ask your friend if it's ok first. If we lived in a perfect world it wouldn't matter, but if you actually want a relationship with a friend's sibling you need to make sure they're ok with it.