Don't know what to do anymore, cheating?

Boyfriend & I have been dating almost 4 years and were high school sweethearts. I've recently found out that sometimes in our relationship he would be flirting and being sexual with other women on apps/internet. Never meeting & never staying in touch very long with any one girl.

I found out & he came clean, told me everything he could remember & since then (it's been 4 months since finding out) he's done everything right to prove to me I'm the only one for him & become a better man. However I'm having trouble living in the past & some of these girls are trying to worm their way back into his life (internet wise) & although he ignores them it takes a toll on me to see the extent of what he's done when I'm trying to put the past behind us & work on us.

They "never meant anything to him" & he says everything that's happened between us has been genuine and real and that he loves me & wants a future together & realizes what he has done. He never saw them as anything other than just people to talk to when he was bored or to distract him from his home life (it's not very great). In some ways I believe because through it all I'm still the one he wants for real at the end of the day that he's working toward a future with - like I said he's showing progress and has not done anything in the 4 months it has been since I found out & we had a serious talk.

If he's really truly remorseful and working on us/him, I want to be with him. But I can't seem to shake the feeling of what happened. Everytime he compliments me now, etc I wonder why he ever needed anyone else on the side if I'm so great. Others have been able to do it & move on with the significant other happily, how do I separate our relationship from what happened, then from now, without throwing away our past memories together that were great?

Physical cheating is easy answer - bye.
Random online? Blurred lines :/


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