Since my race is the least liked or favoured by women what should I do?

Since no matter what I do you won't like me because you hate Indians, even if a Indian guy dresses smart and acts nice and smells good you will still hate him because you associate Indians with negative stereotypes perpetuated by the media. How many times do we see in the news white men commiting mass murderes? But I don't go out of my way to call every white person a mass murder or hate white people because people who commit these mass murders happen to be white but you people refuse to do the same for Indians in your minds if one Indian acted a certain way it means all do.

I am even afraid of and refrain from approaching women because I know what you people think in your minds "omg he's Indian he must be a smelly hindu and he probably works in a call center" "omg why is this Indian guy trying to talk with me, they're so ugly and they're all rapists"

I have even been told that I must change the way I dress, and the way I speak because the way Indians stereotypiclally dress is "unattractive" which I don't even dress like an Indian since there is no specific way Indians dress or any race for that matter. I do not even come from India I was born in Africa my PARENTS are the ones who are from India and my family are CHRISTIAN we are not hindus, we are not muslim, we are not sikh, we don't wear turbans or dots on our foreheads


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  • I feel like you are assuming that girls hate Indian people. I assure you that its not the case, I don't know where you live but where I am from it is not like that all (I am from Canada). My best friend is Indian and I am very good friends with lots of Indian guys. Your race shouldn't bother most people, and if it does they're racist and you wouldn't want to be friends with them anyways.


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  • It's not about stereotypes. It's not about religion. Girls just don't find Indian guys to be physically attractive. It's as simple as that.


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  • If you're a good, progressive guy, I doubt that the fact that you're indian would bother that many women.


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  • I feel your pain. I'm Indian. I'm A Rapist. I smell like curry. I work in a Call Center. I'm in the US with a H1B1 visa. I'm this i'm that... i'm tired of the hate..