Girls, Thoughts on redhead guys?

Girls, Thoughts on redhead guys ?

I go talk to a girl they're not interested, then some other guy who has brown hair and is less attractive than me ( well that's what I think ) will talk to them and grab the girls attention even though they may be over weight or sleazy , I use to play 1st grade rugby league and started body building and have a fair size of muscle ( nick name in high school was barrel chest) , I go on tinder no matches , do girls only like guys who are European background or something? I'm half scotish and Swedish , seriously I give up on women I really don't get it... Also I'm naturally very quite / introverted but i come from a large working class background so I've sorted developed a thick skin.. also my dad had died.. So I can come across as being rough and thick skinned and also because I'm muscular I get told I'm intermadating... When I just want a nice girl who I get along with..


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  • hahah I don't know what to think lol! You look good!

  • Red hair can be attractive but it's not really my preference.