Why I'm not successful with women?

I'm a pretty good-looking guy with a great personality. However, I'm not particularly successful when it comes to women/dating. Plenty of people have told me that all I need to be successful is to have confidence when I ask a girl out. When I do get enough confidence to ask a girl out, she never seems interested. I usually try to make the first time something casual, like coffee or lunch, and come up with a specific time and place. It seems like a catch-22. Do you have any idea why I'm not successful with women?


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  • they are not attracted to you, you basically need to learn everything over from scratch, and by the way don't ask girls for advice, follow this link learn as much as you can, you will not believe how much you don't know, try this one too, link


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  • You should ask friends to invite you to parties and do recon for you. So some of the pressure

    is off, you can look around, meet new people and even ask your friends to ask the girl of your choice out for you. You know, girls ask guys out too. Put yourself out there too and make yourself available. Take a cooking class, somewhere where women will be plentiful. Also, girls love guys that cook.


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  • You need to make sure the girl knows you're actually interested in her, and you also need to make sure she's interested in YOU. Girls aren't going to date you if they don't see it going anywhere. Grab her attention. Show her what you've got. If she nibbles, reel her in. If she doesn't bite, don't keep casting out hoping she'll buy it.