Guys, do you really expect this?

I'm not angry or anything, I think it's funny actually and so this guy today on Facebook, we have mutual co-workers so we know each other. He strikes up a talk this morning, asking me out which was so nice so then he starts bringing up what he wants, etc. And he goes 'women these days date 3/4 guys at a time,' well I also don't do that so I get that. But then he says "I'm looking to have fun," which means he does not want anything serious... and so all at once he wants the WOMAN to be exclusive (don't date other guys) and yet he doesn't want to be serious with anyone - really?

Talk about wanting to have your cake and eat it too.


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  • He assumes that women have options and bracketed you in that (pretty accurate generally). So he finds solace that he can read you and that he knows what you are capable of. He then uses that as leverage to make his attempt to use you as a nsa girl. By him assuming you know what you are capable of, when he throws out the "fun only" it doesn't seem so bad for him because he puts himself in your easy options.

    • what does nsa girl mean please explain lol

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    • Ah, I see, well thank you for sharing this insight with me - I really appreciate it :)

    • Excellent analysis of the situation.


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  • Meanwhile this guy can go out and have casual fun with more than one woman. Men to this very day will do whatever it takes to control and manipulate women (if the women allow them to), it's double standards and hypocrisy and I hope you had told this guy "thanks but no thanks".

    • I did, hilarious, lmfao!!! I can't stop laughing.

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    • Thanks! Good luck to you mate, you sound ACE. :)

    • So do you :)

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  • What a loser. This is all over Facebook even before the first date AND you work together? Lame

    I can't even imagine a guy being like hey babe want to go on a date then being like before we go on a date just know it does t mean I'm not seeing other women but don't you dare do the same thing.

  • Don't bother with him. He believes in double standards and he seems hypocritical as hell. He's one of those guys who consider women as secondary beings.