Guys, Going for a few Drinks with this Girl, Should I bring mints? Help YOUR bro out?

Going for a few Drinks with this Girl i like, Should I bring mints to freshen up my breath?
Any other tips would be great thanks...
Also, She wants to go for a few drinks instead of dinner, But with a few drinks she might kiss me is that not taken advantage of her?

PS: I'm 22, I can't change my age on this


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  • Your age can be changed by contacting GAG.

    I would suggest doing something else. Alcohol screws up your breath and mints don't always help. As far as kissing after drinks, you are fine as long as she isn't hammered. I have had many drinks in one night before and am still aware of the events of that night. Just use your best judgment. If she looks too drunk, she most likely won't even remember you kissing her and I feel that would be taking advantage. Personally, I would never go for drinks or get drunk on a first date and I think girls who would get drunk should be avoided in the future. They tend to be more trouble than they are worth. Good luck!


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  • Kissing, especially if she's the one who initiates, is not taking advantage of her. Should you bring mints? uhh... I guess it never hurts to be prepared, but if you're gonna have whiskey breath to begin with (or whatever you're drinking), and she's gonna be drinking too, I wonder how much difference it would make?

    What's your drink of choice?


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  • Going for a drink isn't a bad idea, if you don't drink too much. Just try to have a good time but don't get drunk. If you see she's getting drunk, avoid to do anything. And your breath won't matter, since you'll both be drinking, especially if you drink a similar drink


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