Should I say sorry?

Quick question is better to say sorry sooner rather than later. Me the guy I'm seeing got into a little fight last night and I woke up this morning feeling worse. Should I apologise or leave it until I know his calmed down? Do u think it's better to make up straight away?


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  • Working through disagreements is what relationships are about. If you can't work out your differences the relationship will fail. Apologizing will help calm things down quicker but it doesn't make the reason for the argument go away. If it was something dumb, like you were arguing over what was the best movie in 1997 then just apologize and move on.

    • Yeah it was just something silly so I apologised and were ok now we had a good laugh about it now so thank you ☺️

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  • My opinion is to let that be for about 5 days and then you should renegotiate!

  • If you acted like an whole yes. If not and you see yourself getting in many arguments that you have not started and or participated much in believe this is a warning sign.

    • I don't understand what your trying say it was our first argument.

    • Don't be a jerk and don't let anyone be a jerk to you. Life is way too short to be unhappy.

  • Say sorry at the appropriate time. Sooner is usually better but if he is still mad then maybe it isn't the right time. I think he should have calmed down by now but its up to u.


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