My daughter's mother wants to move in?

My daughter's mother just got out of jail/rehab, very suddenly and unexpectedly. Apparently she has no place to go, and misses her daughter so she asked to move in with me and my girlfriend, temporarily (a few months) to get back on her feet. We do have a extra room, and I want her to be in my daughter's life but it's technically not my house, (my gf's father paid for the down payment) and my girlfriend is extremely jealous of other woman, like extremely!!! She gets very angry when I talk to any kind of girls, even old friends. I don't want the mother of my child on the street, but I don't want to be on the street for inviting her into our house. How do I tell my girlfriend about this?


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  • Find a different place if you can.

    I don't think ur girlfriend will be cool with this.


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  • You don't even own the house, so it's not entirely your decision. This feels like one of those times when you want to help but you have to say "sorry, you can't stay here. I'm with someone else now."


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  • Oh no... not the mother e_o finding a temporary place for her would be best with this situation. Or talk to your girlfriend about it she might agree


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