How do I get closer to this girl?

How do I get closer to this girl?

It's my senior year of college and I have decided to try and get a girlfriend. I'm a music major, and there is this one girl I have seen around the music center practicing clarinet lately. I think that she's a freshman because I have never seen her before. I really want to talk to her and get to know her better. I came up with a reason to talk to her. I asked her if I could ask her about a composition I wrote for clarinet. She was really surprised when I knocked on her door, but when I asked her if she could look at my piece, she agreed without hesitation. It only lasted about a minute or two. I couldn't think of anything to say to her to keep the conversation going, so after she was done looking at my composition, I walked out of the practice room. She didn't seem disinterested, though. She was nice, but didn't say anything to keep the converstion going. I wanted to go back and tell her the real reason I wanted to talk to her, but I wimped out. I hope I didn't scare her. After all, I was just a random person she's never met before. I don't to know if I still have a chance. I still want to ask her out, and now that I've talked to her, I get a feeling that she might be open to knowing someone new. Again, she didn't sound disinterested and by the tone of her voice, she didn't seem annoyed or hasty. Should I try to get closer to her or should I tell her that I would like to go out with her the next time I see her? Also, I'm not trying to sound racist, but she is Asian, and I have been told by another female Asian friend of mine that dating and flirting with an Asian girl is different than with an American girl. If so, how would I approch this girl in a way that compliments her culture's view of dating?


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