I tried to DTR & got plamed, now what?

He acted like my boyfriend.

He's also one of my best friends. We message everyday, when we were at uni we slept in the same bed everynight, i just spent the weekend at his house & met his friends & family.

So I brought up relationships. Not for now, just to know that maybe i was in the running for the future. So i sent these messages.

Getting vague responses kind of gave me an answer anyway but i need him to say it & he hasn't responded to my last message. What do I do now? He's not usually the kind of person to run away like this...

I tried to DTR & got plamed, now what?


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  • I know that I don't know your situation that well, but it seems like you either, a) mean what you said, and just wants to keep him as a surrogate boyfriend, or b) you're not being entirely truthful with him because you're afraid of scaring him away by asking him to be your actual boyfriend. It feels like you're shying away from giving him an ultimatum.
    Would it make you feel better if he said he could see you being together in the future? You might have different ideas of what that means. He could be thinking 5 years, while you're thinking 5 months.
    You might have written longer messages but I think you're being more vague than he is.


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  • Lol he actually admits he breaks hearts. Sounds like he doesn't wan't to elaborate because the answer will only break you off from what you have going on, which sounds like you're a back burner babe. The communication reminds of myself when I was an 18 year old d bag and went off from a relationship I didn't want. I'd walk, personal experience on his side.


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