Why would my girlfriend get mad when I dont introduce her to my friends?

I am not the type to introduce my girlfriend to my old HS friends or college friends she doesn't know. I'll talk to them for 2 or 3 minutes and when I'm done talking I go to walk away and keep talking to her she will comment "Im Juliana, Jake's girlfriend and introduced herself and shakes their hand. She then comments how I never introduce her to my friends and she awlays has to do it herself. I don't see the issue tbh but it bothers her.


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  • It's just a bit rude to not introduce her at all, that's just basic social ettiquite, even if she's not your girlfriend it would be nice of you to introduce who you are with so that no one feels awkward. Maybe she thinks you're ashamed of her.

    • Well I just don't think about it and for a minute conversation for someone I don't hang out with everyday I dknt see why I would stop and introduce her if they won't see me for a while

    • Just the polite thing to do like even if it does seem inappropriate it's just what happens

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  • Maybe she's more sociable than you. And mind telling why would you don't wanna introduce your girlfriend to them?

    • If I haven't seen a friend in a while and may not again I just don't think about introducing them to my girlfriend if we talk for at most a few minutes.

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