Why does he stare but never approach me?

Ok so this is driving me insane. I have known this guy for a while now but I just realized that I have a super big crush on him. Anyway, he stares at me A LOT. Likeso obvious all of my friends have told me he likes me. He looks kinda nerveous when he syas my name but thats all. He never talks to me and the few times he has said hi he never looks directly into my eyes. He stares at the floor. Why dies he do this? He is a biiiiig flirt but seems to nit be able to flirt with me even if all my friednds say he likese me big time. Is he just nreveous out of the nature of knowing I like him?


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  • Because he's very shy

    • But he is super flirty with every other girl and I mean, he is older than I am and we have known each other for years. Who would be shy to approach a younger, familiar face? All his friends do...

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    • I talked to him today! You were soooo right he is just a shy boy! Who would have imagined. It was amazing. Thanks! :)

    • Great to hear :) good luck!

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  • I feel you girl. This has happened with me and the guy I like. There is this other girl who it looks like he is with now but he still acts this way around me. Does he know you like him though?

    • So many girls like him, he is like soooo wanted here thats why I dont undertsand his shyness. I think he knows I like him. I mean all of our mutual friends do

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    • Could he just be staring thinking; this girl likes me... ew? Or is it looking a lot always a good sign?

    • Tbh I felt the same way about my crush when he did this to me (still does). People have told me it is because he likes me but I'm like you and I'm skeptical about it. I don't feel like he would be that nervous around you and feel the need to look at you so often if he didn't like you.


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  • Yeah, he is definitely nervous, I'd say go up to him and talk to him. Get him to be comfortable with you if you want to go out with him.

  • He is probably too scared to start a conversation with you