We can't hang out and I really like him, help?

I've been talking to this guy A LOT in the past year but in that time, I've only seen him a couple of times. We try to hang out but we're both always busy. And, if we do hang out, I'm afraid I'm going to make a fool out of my self!! Should I keep talking and try to hang out, or is it not worth it? Also, what do we talk about if we do hang out because I know everything about him, and I mean EVERYTHING. He also said that he wanted go out with me and we both agreed that it would be weird over SnapChat so what if he is nothing like he is when we talk privately? Please help me.

  • Continue talking, if you don't hang out, so what?
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  • Try and hang out with him more and if you can't, don't ditch him.
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  • Dump him now, it's not worth it.
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  • Demand we hang out.
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