If a girl starts texting out of no where, what does that mean?

I met this girl at a party last week. She offered her number to me and asked me to text her the next day, so I did. She'd only reply but not ask questions (and do so only after a few hours). I texted her 3 times that day, then got fed up with her attitude and stopped messaging her. 3 days later, she texts me out of no where, asking her first question! "How's life going, what have you been up to?"

I can't read her.. is she just bored and looking for attention?


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  • There's a chance that she's interested and playing hard-to-get, possibly that she's looking for attention. If you're seriously interested, keep pursuing her but keep your options open.


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  • You got annoyed at her, so she left it a few days to give you some space and maybe be in a better mood, then she's tried to talk to you again and see what kind of response you give (happy or annoyed). It's nothing "deeper" than that.

    • How would she know I got annoyed at her? I didn't have a go at her.. I just stopped texting her.

    • Which is a pretty clear indication you're annoyed at her, otherwise you would continue to talk to her.

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  • You should ask her out instead, she seems playing mind games. If that's the case, move the fuck on if she declines your offer of asking her out!