Is it bad that my boyfriend is becoming my best friend? Honest answers please?

I've been getting more and more distant from my best friend lately. We aren't that close anymore, and I've realized that I may be better off without her. I have other friends but I really can't count on them as much as I can my boyfriend. I was never really a want to be with my boyfriend all of the time type, but recently we've been spending more time together and I've realized that he brings me a joy that my friends can't, and I can depend on him. Is it bad that I feel as if I have no other true friends? I'm not sure how to feel. Half of me feels sad to losing my best friend and the other half feels great that I can have a partner to walk through life with


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  • It's bad. You should have your own life with your best friends instead of sticking 24/7 with him. Wonder what happened if your boyfriend ditched you someday and your best friends probably thinking, ''look at her! She's coming back... take advantages of us when her boyfriend disappeared?''


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  • Things like this bother me so much. You get a boyfriend and you just forget about your best friend? Like your best friend was there before your boyfriend, am I correct? And if your boyfriend were to break up with you, your best friend would be the one you would most likely run to first so I find it highly disrespectful to just drop your best friend just because a cute guy comes walking in. It's on the line of being shallow.

    • No, you do not understand so do not accuse. My best friend left me for her boyfriend, hence the reason I mentioned us not being close anymore which led me to gravitate more toward my boyfriend

    • Well how was I suppose to know that your best friend left you first seeing as you didn't put that in the question? You made it seem like you were just leaving your bestfriend because you got a boyfriend. If your best friend left you for her boyfriend then it's whatever. Go do your own thing. She's not there for you anymore so who else do you have?

    • It was not of vital importance to the question that I mention that information, however, it has created a stronger relationship with my boyfriend which is why I am more involved with him


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  • It's great that your boyfriend is reliable and supportive and that you're happy with him, but maintain your friendships. It may be harder, but we all need friends.

  • Nope. I think it's a good thing. You guys connect better.

    I also feel like with girls, they take too much advice from their close single friends and end up screwing things with guys they like.


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