Me and a girl went on both of our first dates and she said later she likes me but she doesn't think she is ready for a relationship. What to do?

So I'm 18 and I just had my first date. Any girl I asked ignored or said no. This girl not only said yes, but made me feel genuinely happy. Anyways we both are indecisive, but both had fun on our date. I see her Wednesday's because we both go to the same gameshop and play dungeons and dragons. Nerdy I know. We have a lot in common and talk but I still have that feeling around her. After our date I talked to her the next day and she said she really likes me and thinks I'm amazing and fun to be around, but isn't ready for a relationship. I don't know if there is anything I should be too worried about this. What should I do. I really like her cause she makes me smile and it's not a normal at work cause I have to smile. No it is a actual I'm happy smile. What should I do about this?


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  • If she said she "isn't ready for a relationship" AFTER you went on a date, then unfortunately she isn't attracted to you in that way, and she's trying to let you down easy. I've used the same excuse. If she really wasn't ready for a relationship, she wouldn't have gone on the date in the first place.


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  • Sometimes it could mean that she don't want her future family being game heads with a father who has a dead end job and she know that might be something she want to live with. Or it could be she's keeping her options open dispite all the stuff she said. No matter what communication is key! She know what she want to do. When girls tell me there not ready I'll give them a week to make a decision cause THATS WHAT DATING IS FUCKING FOOOOOOOR!!! It's getting out the friendzone into something serious. if on the 1st date she's backing out. You two go back to friends and you look for another girl. But never will I sit on side lines until she make a decision for real. Talk to her about what what she wants and what you want to do. Come up with an agreement then let time and fate handle the rest. PLEASE COMMUNICATE PLEEEEASE!!!