Should I text my ex?

Hi guys, Okay first of all am Happily Taken am actually engaged to a wonderful man,

We been together for 9 months now.

2 years ago I went out with a guy for 4 months who I really liked, it was really hard to get over him

After I broke up with him, I would say his my first LOVE!

Anyhow he was talking to one of my friends 2 weeks ago and he gave her his number and asked her if she would give me it, he wants to talk to me! He told her its better if I text or call him, because he doesn’t wanna feel weird since am the one taken now, and his the single one. My question is should I text him? why or why not?

A little more info, my fiancé and I are in a long distance relationship, I live in Florida and he lives in Chicago. My EX also lives in Florida (where I live)



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  • ok this is pretty simple really!

    why open that can of worms?

    leave the past where it is in the past you have said your engaged to a wonderful man and that your happy in this relationship why confuse things.

    would you like it if ur boyfriend suddenly started texting once of his ex's that lived in the same state as him?


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