What is the real deffetion of cheating?

So a few colluges and I had a topic of discussion on what is the real deffetion of cheating? Of course we all had different opinions. Mines was if you just have sex with another person while in a relationship others where if you lust over someone, if you go out on a date with someone that's not your partner and another one is if you flirt. So I was wondering what are you guys opinions


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  • Anything that puts someone else as more important than your SO, no mattter how short the time. Anything from full sex down to intimate touching, kissing, of even having a date without the SO knowing.

    Cheaters will only ever get one chance from me. If I think they've done anything wrong, they'll be history.


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  • Cheating is when you start liking or paying more loving or interest on someone else!
    Did you even read my take? HAHAHA lol you should watch White album... they show you all the ways of cheating! So many ways.

    • Lol, your opinion is better than mines and my colleagues put together. Now I feel bad cause I find one of my classmates attractive

    • Just try not to look! hahah! I think its okay as long as you never really approach!


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  • Cheating means that you have broken a promise that you made to your partner regarding monogamy and being exclusive. Promises can be broken in many ways.

  • Depends if you just think you should own another person's body or if you want their soul too.

    • Clarify by what you mean by owning someone's mind. I'm having a slow moment lol

    • You are only cheating if you covertly break rules you specifically and expressly agreed to. One party to an agreement does not unilaterally get to define what constitutes cheating. All too often people seem to think they can impose their idea of the duties and restrictions of a relationship on the other party without their express agreement to those terms. Doing so is just straight up domination, it is control.

    • Oh I get it now but what if no rules was set? What if people just got into a relationship got to know each other and say they are in a relationship? I know you may be getting annoyed with me I just like to hear others thoughts and inputs

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  • I agree with your opinion.

    • Yeah. It was random but I feel now that I heard my colleagues opinions I realized there is not an actually real deffention for it since everyone have different opinions about it

    • Just because everyone has different opinions about it doesn't mean the true definition isn't real. I could think 2+2 is 5 but that doesn't make it 5. The answer will still be 4. Get what I'm saying?